All over the world, intentional communities of people and individual families have started to take back their Motherlands. These actions began in Russia in 2001 after the publication of a book in Russia (1996)   entitled "Anastasia" by Vladimir Megre. Please see the story here of how Megre met Anastasia in the Siberian taiga in the spring of 1995.

It is Anastasia who said to Vladimir Megre in 1995... Vladimir, we need to tell everyone, "Take back your motherland". This is the reason for setting up the this project, to help bring this about. The focus is simple:

(1) To help people all over the world find other Ringing Cedars readers in their own countries and localities

(2) For these people to start having face-to-face and online Skype or Zoom meetings with one another - planning, goal-setting, visualizing.

(3) To activate people towards "taking back their motherlands" right where they live. Together, the insumountable becomes achieveable.

"Take back your motherland" just as Anastasia says to do.


 Join us

Who am I?


I am in service to the people of the Earth and to Anastasia.... Near the end of 2010, a friend of mine held out a book to me and said "You'd better read this". It was called "The Ringing Cedars of Russia". She'd loaned out the first book "Anastasia" she said, but Book 2 would get me on my way. My friend said, "There is a plan in place for villages to be set up all over the world that are surrounded by trees. When you go through the trees you will find another village, and then another..." My friend painted such vivid word pictures for me that I gulped down the book voraciously in just a few days and immediately borrowed copies of the other books from our local library. I was hungry for this information... ravenous. Anastasia's words filled up unknown spaces and gaps in me. They showed me the dreams, the glimpses of humanity's future that i'd had since I was a teenager in the 1970s were not isolated... They are all part of a collective consciousness that we are manifesting on the earth right now!  I am driven by this dream... It is my dream, and Anastasia's dream and your dream. I am the dreamer and the dream, the dancer and the dance, the singer and the song... I am manifesting this "reality" into being, with you.

Who are you?


You are the lovers, the dreamers, the gardeners, the teachers... the mothers and fathers... the people who go to work every day and pay your taxes... And in behind all the work and the worry and the rush of life, you KNOW there is something different. You know there is a different way to live and be... and you want to be that difference and make that difference for your children and grandchildren who will come after you.  You have the drive, the desire, the will the energy, the resilience, the resolve, the tenacity and the creativity to see a plan, and to see that plan through. You are the people who are willing to dig, to weed, to plant the seed of your ideas in fertile soil, to check out the conditions and see your little seeds take root and grow into mighty cedar trees... all over the world. This is who you are!

Who are we together?


We are the most powerful and unstoppable force that the history of this planet has ever seen. Against all odds, we pick up the spade of industry and we dig it in, vigorously, to the hard clay soil of this world's bastions... We declare them failed and broken. With our spades we carve out a channel of abundant life and life-giving potentiality... We bring life and aliveness to that dry, parched, failed soil... We heave at it copious amounts of the compost we have inside of us... the compost of Love, Activity, Decision-making power, our Alertness, Willingness, Willfulness, Purposefulness, Indistractability, Tenacity... we are the Celebrators, the Party-goers, the Victors, Achievers and Problem-solvers... We are the Social architects, the Builders, the Brain-stormers, the Laughers, the Criers, the Huggers, the Belongers !!  We are the People who belong to THIS land where we stand. Nobody can ever take this away from us... our inherant right to stand as "Man" with our bare feet upon the land of our fathers, giving thanks !!

This is who we are TOGETHER !!




    Stronger together    

  Co-create with us  


"Community is what will save us. You will fail as a rugged individual. You will survive as a member of a tribe or family." -  Michael Ruppert (2009)

The purpose of this website is to help you find your tribe and family. Together we co-create our kin's domains...

Here's a litte more about Anastasia:

"Born in 1969, Anastasia is a surviving member of an ancient Vedic civilisation whose extraordinary powers and knowledge far exceed anything known today. Anastasia's powerful, myth-shattering messages reveal a profound wisdom, grounded in ancient knowledge. She exposes secrets that have been suppressed for thousands of years. She reveals hidden historical facts that will completely  change your understanding of our past, and offer you a whole new paradigm for our planet's future.  


Anastasia's soft-spoken words have been encoded with an energy  that goes straight to your heart, like nothing you have ever read! And the more you read her words, the  better you feel. Anastasia will restore your hope for the future and re-ignite your passion for life. After reading these books, nothing will be quite the same… 

 Who is Anastasia?


What is Anastasia's dream?

Who is Vladimir Megre?


Where do I find the Ringing Cedars books?

Is "rodovoe pomestie" the same as "kin's domain" or "Space of Love"?


What is the "Far Hectare" FREE LAND legislation?


What is changing on the legal front in Russia?


Are Russian people going back to the land in droves like they say?

What is the structure of the "TBYM" project? 

Are there any regular meetings


Is there a time-frame for all these things coming to pass?

Is there a blueprint or a plan?

Can I find people on Facebook who are working to this plan?

How can I find Ringing Cedars readers in my own country?

Where is the information about kin's domains in Russia?

How are the Russian people organizing to go onto land?

- see "Source" on this article 

If I don't read Russian, how can I read Russian websites?

How do I get involved?  - see "Co-create with us" below

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Start a "Motherland Party" in your country

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Since 2011 I have been very active online educating myself and others about the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" books. I have also been following world affairs that seem to have a relationship to the words of Anastasia in the books. I have put thousands of hours into a Ning forum (2011), Facebook pages and groups (since 2012), and two blogs that relate directly to this subject of reclaiming our land - Humanity! Take back your land! and Take back your Motherland. I have never taken nor requested any money for this effort. However, the time has now come for me to take a different action, albeit reluctantly... 

The "Motherland" project has now become very big, with new people approaching me directly on a daily basis. This takes supreme effort on my part and very often 10-16 hours a day online 6-7 days a week, working for humanity. This brings us back to the subject at hand - "Support". My current situation necessitates that I call out to you who are using my services, who are engaging me in Facebook-Messenger conversations, who are feeling inspired by the information I have on my websites, to those who read my blogs and who use the systems I have developed.

These systems enable YOU to efficiently find people in your country and co-create together both online and in the real world face-to-face. Here is where our collective efforts starts, by (1) getting connected to other people in your own country or State, (2) by keeping me online to help support people involved in this project. With your financial contribution to me, I can keep contributing to the greater good. For me to stay here online and continue this much-needed work for the whole of the English-speaking world, I need to be financed. This is the harsh reality of the situation.

Do you want me to stay here and continue to help people develop projects in their own countries towards the establishment of their own family homesteads and villages? Is my effort on these fronts intense and focussed enough that you would gift me $3 a month on Patreon, to say "Thank you Bron for your good work. I want to keep you here online and working for humanity." This is what your monthly donation achieves. Thank you so much for giving my request your consideration,


Bronwyn Llewellyn


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This is my introduction of this subject matter...  This gives you a better idea of how all of this came about, and how and why you need to become involved. Thank you. Published on May 9, 2017. In the Russian Duma on May 2, 2016 President Putin signed an Act of parliament that gifts 1 hectare of land (2.47 acres) to every Russian family. This had been predicted by the Siberian mystic and recluse, Anastasia. She also predicted that every country in the world would be gifted free land to every family by their governments. Anastasia's words to humanity: "Take back your Motherland".

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